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Eternal Life of Ancient Egypt

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Eternal Life of Ancient Egypt

Eternal life.


Ancient Egyptians believed death marked the beginning of a journey to eternal life.For more than 3,000 years, ancient Egyptians embalmed, preserved and entombed their dead with materials they would need for life in the next world. Offerings to the gods to help ease the deceased person’s passage were often included in tombs.And they Used the Ankh symbol as a representation of the Eternal life.




The ankh and the key of life.

"A representation of eternal life born centuries ago in the heart of ancient Egypt"


What is the ankh?.


The Ankh is the most recognizable symbols of Egypt,Known as “The key of Life” or

“The cross of Life”

The Egyptians believed that one’s earthly journey was only part of an eternal life,The Ankh symbolizes both Mortal existence and the Afterlife.

It is one of the most ancient symbols of Egypt and was a symbol carried by a multitude of the Egyptians gods in tomb paintings and worn by Egyptians as an amulet.

To be more specific,The ankh symbolizes physical life on Earth, Eternal life in heaven or the Underworld,Immortality, and even reincarnation.

Often, the ancient Egyptians would carry ankh ornaments for protection or use them in their cult worship for their magical







Why is the Ankh symbol so different and uniqe?

Symbolism of the Ankh:-

-The key icon represents opening doors of opportunities or holding the key to one's heart.

-When given as a gift, the key symbolizes wishes the sender wants to impart.

-The key to our heart: when given to your Love or partner.

 -The key to success: when given to a graduate or someone celebrating a new job.

-You hold the key to your future: when given to someone dealing with new beginnings such as divorce, relocation or health resolutions.

-Key to prosperity: when given to a college graduate, job seeker or job changer.

-Key to a new home: when given to a first-time homebuyer.






Make a wish and put on your ankh ring.

Ancient Egyptians created the ankh to symbolize vivacious,loving energy and life.

Wear your ring as a reminder that you are a modern day goodness: Beautiful,powerful and divine!


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