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Tips to find the jewelry for your personality

Posted by dana zuraiki on
Tips to find the jewelry for your personality

Each of us has her own style when it comes to fashion. Some want exquisite and loud toned jewelry, while others fancy the simple and minimal designs. You might have a liking for jewelry that are dainty and sweet with mellow designs, but there are those who would rather wear pieces that have complex and diverse patterns. These preferences play an important role in defining your jewelry choices.

Classic and Professional

The classic and professional prefer jewelry that can be worn in business and offices. Pearls and beads are your usual set, with silver and gold metals. They like small to medium pieces of hooped earrings and long necklaces that should match more often than not.

Active Lifestyle

People with active lifestyles do not want any part of their style interfering with their daily activities. Their jewelry should not be large and obtrusive. Small hoops and studs are your typical selection when it comes to earrings rings should not have large center stones. As much as possible they want rings and bracelets that have simple designs. They like novelty necklaces with animal and music designs, that can be worn inside your neckline.

Fancy and Exquisite

Fabulous and glamorous in a sophisticated style is their thing. They like to wear jewelry that make them standout in formal and exclusive events. Top quality workmanship with exceptional design that suggests a high-class status is what they aim for.Gold and Silver and top-of-the-line metals are the best materials for them. Jewelry with precious gemstones that are sometimes combined with beads or pearls are their favorites.


Soft and romantic themed jewelry are the pieces that catches the eye of the feminine. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings commonly feature floral, bow, and ribbon designs that adds a hint of sweet and gentle aura to your ensemble.


Looking sexy and mesmerizing is what it’s all about. They enjoy wearing attractive pieces that captivates others with a come-hither sensation coming from their jewelry. Movement, shine, and sparkles are essential for a desirable and exciting touch. Rings and necklaces with curve motifs and hoops and drop earrings are their liking.


Artistic and Creative

The artistic and creatives love wearing original and unique jewelry pieces. These are the pieces that have combinations of designs – from metals to details. Characteristically, they are huge and are eye-catching. They enjoy wearing jewelry that are worn in unusual spots. For earrings, they would wear multiples or distinct pieces on each ear.


The pieces that you wear are not only accessories to enhance your fashion style. These are symbols that represent a message to other people about status and your character. Your jewelry selection is a statement of your personality and lifestyle as well. At times, you might find yourself mixing and matching jewelry that will fit for certain events. You will notice that your personality really is a big factor even when you mix and match. Check out more of veluntra’s jewelry that fits your style and lifestyle

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