Star-Sun Square Crystal Chain

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Star sun square crystal chain pendant idea for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, gifts, everyday. Made of high quality and skin friendly material so it's not harm for your skin. This necklace suitable for your all kind of cloths. This exquisite women jewelry gives you a totally fresh impression. Suitable gift for your mother, lover, wife, fiancee, girlfriend. Just be happy to add this beautiful necklace to your jewelry collection. Let it be your love confession. Feel fantastic with wearing this necklace.


  • Vintage style necklace give you stylish charm look.
  • Comes in a lifelike eye friendly gold color.
  • Necklace best idea for Weddings, beach party, Parties.
  • Multiplayer necklace Give you perfect and attractive look.
  • Perfect for any gift giving occasion.

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